Why to use Patrick Burns


  • “Mr. Burns stayed on task, got results, and his costs were reasonable.”

  • “Mr. Burns is able to effectively communicate with parties involved – he is able to listen and be realistic with the parties when the situation calls for it. He is also able to let the parties speak and actively listen to the parties.”

  • “Mr. Burns invested considerable time, effort, and skill in bringing about a settlement despite serious obstacles that made the prospect of settlement highly unlikely prior to the mediation.”
  • “He’s calm, patient, attentive both to the facts of the dispute and the personal dynamics at work between the parties. He’s eager to take up the challenge of dispute resolution under circumstances in which other neutrals might toss up their hands and walk away.”

  • “His patience and willingness to take up the challenge of bringing together parties who had been at loggerheads for more than a year made a decisive difference in the outcome.”

Reviews from IMIĀ website